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Saturday - 12. 00pm
Sunday - after 10. 30am mass.

Please give four weeks notice
of the date you wish your child
to be baptised.


Fr. Kavanagh. p.p.

Tel: 053 93 83136

Mob: 087 2324549


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Sacrament of Baptism

By Baptism your child becomes a
member of the parish community.
Through the grace of this sacrament
your childwill share the very life of
God himself.

To Arrange your child's Baptism

The Baptisms in our Parish will
take place on Saturday at
12. 00 noon or 6. 00pm and Sunday after
10. 30am Mass.

Please contact Fr. Kavanagh to
arrange a suitable date.

If you live outside of the parish
of Camolin please get a letter of
permission from your Parish Priest
to have your child baptised here.

Choosing Sponsors

The Sponsor should not be less than
16 years of age He or she should have
received the Sacraments of Baptism,
Holy Communion and Confirmation.
He/She should have the maturity
and intention to carry out the
responsibilities of a Sponsor.


To bring your child to the
Church for baptism is a
public sign of your own
faith and trust in God's
love. The ceremony of
baptism speaks powerfully
about this love and as you
follow the service by joining
in the prayers and responses
you are drawn deeper into
God's love. The Ceremony
begins with a welcome
to your child and your family
and the Church asks you are
you willing to accept the
responsibility of bringing up
your child in the practice
of the faith. Water is the
symbol of life, it makes us
clean. Baptism signifies the
new life and the cleansing
from sin.You are asked
to renew the vows of your
own baptism, then the priest
baptises your child.Your child
is now a Christian, a member
of Christ's body. The child is
wrapped in a white garment
to signify they are now a new
creation clothed in Christ. You
hold a lighted candle, keep it
burning for your child and bring
them up in the ways of faith.

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