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Child Protection Parish Representatives

Child Protection


Mary Quinn - 086 8837771

Lorraine Murphy - 086 8937610

Mary and Lorraine are available to answerer any of your queries

The Diocesan Child Protection Policy Statement and Code of Conduct are displayed on the Notice Board in the Church Porch, The Notice Board in Camolin Parish Hall and also here on The Parish Website.

Child Protection Representatives have been appointed in every parish in the diocese.

These Representatives have undergone four intensive training seminars

It is my pleasure to inform you that Mary Quinn and Lorraine Murphy agreed to act as representatives for Camolin, thereby giving their services voluntarily in the area of child protection.

Mary and Lorraine were commissioned to this ministry at the
Vigil Mass on Saturday, November 29th, 2008.

Their main task is to ensure that good child protection practices prevail in our parish, in accordance with the practices and procedures laid down in the church's most recent guidelines,
Our Children, Our Church.

In this ministry, they work to ensure that all adults working with children in church organisations are informed of best practice. They will also facilitate parishioners in bringing an allegation or suspicion of abuse against clergy, parish employees and/or volunteer workers to the delegate/child protection director (Marian Stack). Let us keep in mind the words of Jesus in the Gospels which indicate his love and regard for children - "Let the little children alone, and do not stop them coming to me; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs." Matt. 19.

Mary and Lorraine have taken on a responsible task and with the help of God and the co-operation of the parish community, it will not be an onerous one. My prayer and wish is that the Lord will help all of us to:

Learn from the mistakes of the past
Live with understanding today
Create a better tomorrow fro all

It is my pleasure to welcome them both to this parish ministry. Their responsibilities will be:

1). To promote awareness of the Church's Child Protection
2). To ensure that the public will have ready access to contact details for the Director of Child Protection.
3). To facilitate anyone in the parish in bringing an allegation
or suspicion of child abuse against clergy, parish employee or volunteer worker to the attention of the
Director of Child Protection, should they wish to have such support.

Mary and Lorraine's contact details are available on The Parish Website, on the Church Notice Board, and are published continuosly in the Monthly Parish Newsletter.

Their task will be to check in with parish groups involved with children to ensure that all operate systems of good practice. The role is established to help individuals and groups and will in no way be critical of any procedures in operation.
On behalf of the parishioners of Camolin, I thank both Mary and Lorraine for their generosity in accepting this ministry.

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