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Children's Reflections

Welcome to Childrens Corner

Church is big,
it smells different from our
home somehow.

...lots of furniture polish and
flowers.'s high and lofty,
...the seats are wooden, and
a long way from the floor.

My legs and feet dangle,
I can swing them back
and forwards.
I wonder if God likes his
family because that's what
Mummy says we are.
I do hope I shall learn more
about him, as I grow up and
come to Church more.


Thank you God
for a lovely day.
All my friends
came round to play.
We had such fun and
played great games.
Bless them
as I say their names.


God bless my family
and my friends.
And keep them safe
'til this night ends.
Bless all the children
in your care.
God bless me
and Teddy Bear.


Dear Lord Jesus,
What is heaven like?
I would like to know.
Mummy says we don't really
know, even grown-ups.
But you are there -
there isn't any crying there.
And I am so glad since I don't
like listening to crying.
There isn't any hurt there either.
And I am so glad of that too,
since I don't like being hurt either.
There isn't any dark there
and that's good because I like
the daylight.
So I think I am going to like
heaven anyway.


I like to play with water and soap,
I can blow bubbles.
I can pour water from a jug or bottle.
I like to play with sand
especially when it is a little bit wet.
I like to fill a bucket and make a castle.
I like to write with my finger on its
smooth surface,
I like to dig holes in it.
Thank you for the sand and water, God.


Thank you, God,
for stories which grown-ups
read to me, for books with pictures
and pages to turn over.
Thank you for rhymes,
especially the ones where I use my
fingers when I say them.
Thank you, God, for words, and sound.


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