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Code Of Conduct

Child Protection

Code of Conduct for Clergy, Staff and Volunteers
working with children and young people

1. Treat all children with respect.

2. Be visible to others when working with children.

3. Clergy, staff and volunteer workers should never plan to be alone in a building, a car or a closed room with a child or a young person.

4. Providing accomodation in the parochial house for minors is prohibited except in the case of family members or children/young people accompanied by parents/guardians. When the need for a visit to the home of a child/young person arises, professional boundaries must be observed
at all times.

5. Written consent must be obtained from parents/guardians before organising activities for the children/young people
in your care.

6. Particular care should be taken to ensure that the privacy of
children/young people is respected in places such as swimming pools, showers, toilets and changing rooms.

7. Avoid sspending excessive time alone with children, away from others

8. All organised trips require careful planning and adherence to supervision ratios as stated on page 44 of
Safeguarding Children.

9. Do not take photographs of children/young people while they are in changing areas (e.g. locker rooms or bathing
facility). Parental consent for taking photographs must always be sought.

10. Use only age appropriate language, media products and
activities when working with children and young people.
Sexually explicit materials or language are never appropriate.

11. Under no circumstances give alcohol, tobacco or drugs to children or young people.

12. The physical integrity of children and young people must be respected at all times. Sexual relationships, physical punishments, emotional or verbal abuse are not permitted
under any circumstances.

13. Ensure that the buildings and/or facilities used for activities
with children and/or young people are suitable, safe and

Delegate Support Person

Ms. Marian Stack Sr. Helen O' Riordan
Office: 053 - 9122177 Office: 053 - 9174972
Mobile: 085 - 1055992 Mobile: 086 - 3528613

Children are vulnerable and powerless on certain occasions. At times they may have difficulties making decisions in matters relating to their personal safety. As responsible adults we have a special duty of care towards them.

Civil Authorities

Enniscorthy Gardaí 053-9242580 HSE 053 9233465

Gorey Gardaí 053-9430690 HSE 053-9430100

New Ross Gardaí 051-426030 HSE 053-9123522 Ext 201

Wexford Gardaí 053-9165200 HSE 053-9123522 Ext 201

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