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Prayers For Caregivers

World Day Of The Sick

Living and eternal God,
you tell us in the psalms that
you are near to the broken- hearted,
and to those who are crushed in spirit,
you save.

Draw near to those who minister
to your people who are suffering
in body, mind, and spirit
that they may pour out your mercy
upon those whom they serve.

Fill them with your Holy Spirit
that they may go forth
in your strength, in your wisdom
and in your goodness
to do your holy will
among those in need of your help.

Revive their spirits, Lord,
when they are discouraged and weary
and allow them to be mindful
of your presence and your faithfulness
in this and every situation.

You use the weak and make them strong
so that they may serve you
with humble hearts.
Allow your servants
the grace to see the face of your Son
in those to whom they minister, and
help them to be ever mindful of his promise
that whatever they do for the least
of your people, they do for him.

We ask this in the holy name
of Jesus Christ, Our Lord,

Giver of life, and light,
healer of all our souls,
let my cup overflow
with your grace, so that I
may bring solace to each
soul entrusted to my care.

Let my eyes see your face
in each person I meet. Let
my ears listen with attention
to the stories of anguish, joy,
loneliness, fear, or pain. Let
your empathy overcome me.

Let my hands be your hands,
your consoling hands of peace.
Let my feet be anointed to walk
with integrity and authenticity.
Let a tiring day overwhelm me
with your care and compassion.

Let my lips quiver humbly
with your inspiration of prayer.
Let the words of my mouth
and the calming meditations
of my heart be a blessing
to each person I serve.

Divine, healing caregiver,
let gratitude dance in me
as I carry your word
of love and hope to each
sick or troubled person
in this broken, beauitiful world.

Give us grace this day
to tend those in our care
with full attention
and true tenderness.

Remind us anew to use our hearts
as well as our minds and our hands
in our practice.

Create in us a generosity of spirit
that we may clearly see
the unique spark
in each person we serve.

That no one in our care today
might feel themselves a burden,
another chore on a long list.

Wake us to recognise
the unspoken need,
a cool cloth on a hot brow,
soft hand upon a shoulder.

Let us remember we are One.
Let us honour our call to
the service of healing,
the small part we play in
the repairing of the light,
the consolation of the world.

God of all creation,
Guardian and Protector of all life,
our lives are in your holy hands.

Fashion our hearts
for this work.
Instruct our hands
in the service of healing.

Teach us to listen
with our whole being.
Grant us the grace
to hear the stirring
of your guidance.
in the easing of fear
and the alleviation of pain.

Bless our eyes
that we might see
the face of Jesus
reflected in a stranger's.

Be present with us
in days and nights
that are long
and trying,
in times of tragedy
and grief.

Create in each of us
a space of consolation
and of peace.

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