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Prayers For The Sick

World Day Of The Sick

Jesus Christ,
source of hope and healing,
Source of peace.

All over the world,
we are sending up prayers
at bedsides
and at altars
and in waiting rooms.

Across the world
we light a galaxy of candles....

for those tossed in the rapids of illness...
for those lost in the maze of addiction....
for those locked in broken bodies...
for those caught
in the dark of night
of despair...
we pray.

Loosen the grip of pain
and soothe their suffering
throw open a wide way free..

a path of kindness
and compassion,
quiet strength
and sweet serenity.

All over the world,
we are sending up prayers.

I Am Here Now

Lord, when I'm feeling sick and tired
lost in a fog, restless and tired
oh so alone, chilled to the bone
my cries of absence just sink like a stone.

Suddenly strangers and friends heed the call
weaving compassion connecting us all.
Arms of these angels bring warmth and esteem,
their labour of love birthing fort a new dream.

Words become flesh, I know not how.
A prayer, a promise, a vow:
simply, I am here now, I am here now.

Lord, when I ache I can't contemplate,
you know my desire for you is so great.
I seek your presence and long for your face,
remembering tenderly your warm embrace.

You heard my cry and reached out your hand,
leading me back to that great promised land.
You opened my eyes, now I could see
it was you all along who were pursuing me.

Words become flesh, I know not how.
A prayer, a promise, a vow:
simply, I am here now, I am here now.

Lord, I can cling to the future and past,
but with you I can dwell in the present at last.
The great I am whose flames never fade
is in you and me; that's the way we are made.

With nothing to lose, I take off my shoes
and choose to be one with the Lord of good news.
In sickness and in health, no matter to me,
we're brothers and sisters in solidarity.

Words become flesh, I know not how.
A prayer, a promise, a vow:
simply, I am here now. I am here now.

Creating God,
Author of hope and healing:

Let the soft light and the promise
of dawn spread like a warm blanket
over the sick, the shut-in, the prisoner
in a cell, the soldier returning home
missing a leg, and those held captive
in the dark night of hunger or addiction.

Cool the fever and calm each sick,
frail, or injured person suffering pain
or anguish. Console the anxious mother
bending over the bed of her unresponsive
child, or waiting to learn her biopsy shows
the mass is, as she fears, breast cancer.

Ease the passage of the fearful patient
hovering on the edge of the eternal life, and
comfort the family and friends who mourn.

Walk with all who journey with loved ones
through the maze of Alzheimer's disease.
Lif the beloved recovering from a stroke
or heart attack. Mend the broken hearts
of the innocents wounded and abused:
the battered girlfriend, the molested boy.

Quench the thirst of the lost souls roaming
alone in a desert, parched in body, mind,
or spirit, our yearning brothers and sisters.

Become a burning bust to them all,
a sign that you are ever present,
offering consolation and peace.

Dear Lord, I want to ask you:
Why am I so sick?
Why me?
Why now?
What shall I make of this?
Am I being punished?

People tell me 'you don't question God.'
I don't understand that.
you are my Father in heaven.
Had I not asked my earthly Father questions,
I would have remained fairly ignorant.

So, I have my questions.
I think you will bring people to me
who have some answers.
They are instruments of your goodness
and mercy: Doctors, Nurses,
Ministers, Chaplains, even friends.
Now, I have my own answer for 'Why me?'
Why not me?

Dear Lord, I will wait upon your answers,
with faith that you will not
turn away my questions,
but use the instruments of your love
to show me your way of peace
and to wholeness.

In the name of your precious Son, I pray.

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