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Reflections & Prayers 3

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They say take a chance
live life on the edge
never look back
look forward instead.

Don't worry, be happy
to thine own self be true
Live life to the fullest
do what you must do.

Live in the present
let go of the past
give it all you've got
make the good times last.

Stop and smell the roses
give each person a smile
'tis the first day of your life
so make it wrthwhile.

Yet, some of us hear this
and still wake up everyday
wanting more out of life
but not paving the way.

Until at last we are rattled
what if what they say should
be true?
Today's just a present
that's been given to you.

It can be gone in an instant
it could be taken away
So, take good care not to miss
out on what you could do
with this day.


'Who am I today? I ask....
and I wonder if I even know.
I know the past has shaped
me now,
even though the past was
long ago.

The litle moments form a blur,
the times both happy and sad,
all the people I once knew,
and the things I used to have.

They all helped me to become
where, what and who I am now,
Because everything has
influenced me,
I'm not sure exactly how.

But I am thankful for the
Even of the people I never
really met,
For the people I miss, the people
I love,
and even the people I'd like to

For these memories have helped
me grow,
They've made me calm, yet strong,
And now there's a story to my life,
that they've been writing all along.

So, thank you for the memories.
Without them, I don't know who
I'd be -
Because somewhere among these
memories are the things that
define me.


Dearest Lord,
Thank you for the little things
that fill my heart with love.
For thinking of these little things
sure seems to change the scope.

Budding flowers, seedling trees,
a warm afternoon and a cool
summer breeze.

The lady bug, the butterfly
Big puffy clouds in a baby
blue sky

The clover patch, the honey bee,
a Sunday luncy or afternoon tea;

The sparkle of a midnight star
and wishing on it from afar;

The calming effect of an evening
as it taps against the window pane.

For all these things I can't complain!

So, when my life seems rough to me
I think of all your kindness brings,
and I find my spirits lifted up,
for you truly give my soul its wings.

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